Sunday, 13 July 2014

Retail temples in Aoyama.

We headed for the top end of retailing that clusters along Omote-sando.  We went not only to admire the haute fashions, but also to marvel at the incredible architecture and interiors these temples of retail present.
Opening our essay has to be Vivienne Westwood Man, which is Mr Browns preferred temple of retail worship.

Miyake madness.

Prada's amazing facade.

Amazing Miyake confections.

Origami as clothing.

Fellow devotees.

Yoji Yamamoto womens.

Yoji Yamamoto Mens.

Mr brown selecting his Golden Jubilee robe at the temple of Yamamoto.

About to enter the universe of Comme des Garcons.

The Boss tower.

Mc Queen's shrine.

 And another gratuitous Westwood shot, just because we worship her.


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