Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Berlin abode.

In our next destination, Berlin, we find ourselves happily held up in a brilliant artist abode in the chic streets of Schoneberg.  This light filled, shopfront dwelling had its own secret garden right on the street and loads of space to relax and revel in.  The simple and sparse decoration was so stylish and homely. With the addition of bicycles at our disposal it was truely a tremendous choice of a base to discover the many delights of this city.

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Off to Berlin.

And as we bid a fond farewell to the magnificent city of Prague, it is time to board the train bound for Berlin and adventures new.  With a cheeky little glass of red in hand of course.  In our beautiful bespoke B 26 Czech tumblers of course.


Pieces and places of Prague.

Still looking up and around in Prague, just about anywhere that you might point a camera seems to yield an architectural detail that will warm your heart with the thought, "How much decoration can they handle.".


Strahov Monastery Library.

In search of more amazing interiors we bustled off to the Strahov Monastery, located on the far side of the Castle district.  Although we could discover it, actually get access beyond the rope prove a non happening thing, so we had to toggle from afar, but it still was mighty impressive.


Arts of Prague.

High on the hill by the Prague Castle complex are several minor palaces that now house various sections of the national galleries collections.  Amusingly, while the Castle throbbed with the mingling masses of tourists, these galleries where surprisingly serene and near empty, much to our delight.
A very strong tie to the religious arts is most evident and a love of gilding shines strongly.

The Bronzino blockbuster in a beauty of a frame.

It is always advisable to look upwards to the heavens in Prague, even when you are inside.  Often there is a fantastical story playing out just above your head.

Take a wander through the Schwarzenberg and Sternberg Palaces to see some of these delights.