Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Genius & Ambition @ B.A.G.

Our recent foray to the rural regions was for the magnificent exhibition currently displayed at the Bendigo Art Gallery, Genius & Ambition.  A fine survey of works from The Royal Academy of Arts, London, generously on loan and also including a swag of Australian artists works garnered from all corners of our nation, who had in turn been educated and exhibited by the Royal Academy.

A relaxing and refined affair in the wondrous surrounds of the Bendigo Art Gallery, small pity about the lighting which was tad too reflective.  But all in all a worthy reason to head bush to Bendigo.

Below is a selection of the galleries permanent collection which alone gives enough reason to visit.

Genius & Ambition runs until June 9th 2014

Thursday, 24 April 2014

A round of Hat.

On a chilled Autumn afternoon, after a few sherry's, household items and brightly coloured objet are often melded into disguises of amusement in another riotous round of the game of "Hat".  Mr Brown treated us to several such plays just recently.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bendigo. The Easter edition.

Wishing to avoid the tumbleweed vibe that took over the streets of Melbourne on Good Friday at the start of the Easter four day weekend, we opted for a two hour train ride northwest to the provincial outpost of Bendigo.  A rural metropolis with its roots firmly set in golden grandeur of the mid 1800's, when digging to get rich became all the rage.  The ensuing bonanza and the then townsfolk's civic pride have left the legacy of some wonderful Victorian architecture.

The goldfields also left another legacy that is still maintained today at the Bendigo Easter Fair.  A large Chinese population came to Bendigo Creek seeking riches, and have left their decedents and traditions behind.  Bendigo being home to the largest Imperial Dragon on earth, Sun Loong.
(No not the one above)

Dining became an Italian experience at the well recommended Borchelli on View Street.

 Enjoy Bendigo for a day.