Sunday, 28 September 2014

Grand Final Garden Party Fiesta.

The last Saturday in September marks the culmination of another season of that AFL football thingy/game.  As the birthplace of modern AFL, Melbourne tends to verge on hysteria with the anticipation on someone winning.  Our good neighbour Sir Geyer suggested we banned together and throw a garden party in the Castle grounds for all of our likeminded friends who frankly couldn't give a toss about the game, but needed a fun way to spend their Grand Final afternoon.  It kind of morphed into a fiesta of sorts.
With Sir Geyer's strong entertainment connections, we were lucky enough to secure a halftime performance by the legendary Tom Jones, right after his MCG appearance and Carly Simons was kind enough to perform as support.
With a few lovely German lads dropping in trying to make sense of the whole affair we managed to make a bonza shindig in the perfect weather.

Ready to roll.

Bubbles et Tom.

The Beaumont's

The German invasion.  Don't mention the football.

Adrian & Christopher

Ruth & Somer

Quartertime suckers.


The incredible Tom Jones.

The so vain Carly Simon.


Blondes having fun.

Someone mentioned that the Hawks won.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Time with Joan

Image by Bronwyn Kidd.
We had a visit from Joan just the other day.
Time with Joan is the creative project of Bronwyn Kidd, a very accomplished photographer, and her clever cohort the super stylish stylist, Virginia Dowzer.

Along with the amazing portrait above shot by Bronwyn, you can grab a cuppa and settle in for the video production below as the Castle folk discuss their odds and sods.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

One from the vault.

This painting by Mr Brown, circa 1983 recently re-surfaced.
Living in Canberra now, its owner wanted to know its title, which after much hard thought was deemed to be "White girl black corset, black girl white coset".  Great to know that these things from the distant past are still being loved.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Decorated Self. . . . . . . . Kate Durham

It may have been a little while between exhibitions for the delightful and talented Kate Durham but she has returned with a tour de force showcasing her signature bower bird style of collection and embellishment.  With a prolific offering of dazzling wearable wonders, many a happy attendee were able to score a souvenir for their adoration.  There is a fantastic little broach heading to the Castle collection.

This one is Bound for the Castle.

If you wish to score your own wondrous piece from Kate, get in quick to our favourite gallery, Fortyfivedownstairs.

The exhibition will run until October 11th 2014
45 Flinders Lane Melbourne.