Friday, 31 October 2014

Martin Allen Antiques. More new old things.

Our favourite South Melbourne dealer in antiquated nic-naks, Master Martin Allen, has just received his latest box of bounty from Old Blighty.  Its operation restoration time down in Clarendon Street as he sets about rejuvenating the many varied treasures that he has liberated from Angleterre.  Before long this forlorn furniture will be refeathered, repolished, restuffed and rebirthed as covetable items of refinement and culture.  Let the alchemy begin.

The treasure master at
436 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.


Monday, 27 October 2014

Snacking @ Supernormal.

Funky Flinders Lane eatery, Supernormal, brings a Japanese bent in a very restrained manner, to the diners of Melbourne.  The austere interior does border on cold which takes a little of the fun out of a posh nosh up.  But if you want to get your cool factor count up, its sure the place to be seen. Tuck into a lobster roll or snack on the crusty duck, the food is quite phenomenal. 

Get Supernormal @ 180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New deck of cards.

The fabulous Sunray Studios, purveyors  of fine, fancy and fun art cards from a eclectic range of Melbourne artists, has just released their second range of greeting cards from Mr Brown.
Four new designs from his current Lino cut series in classic Black & White.  Check your local bookstore or gift boutique to see if they have stock.  If no, fear not, you can hop online and grab them directly from the Sunray shop.


Friday, 17 October 2014

JPG World. The Party.

The most eagerly anticipated fashion extravaganza for this year has finally sashayed its stylish way into the NGV International, with an extroverted soiree that saw a throng of fashionable fancies and dress up devotees descend on the gallery last evening.  All hoping to have a fleeting brush with the legendary Monsieur Gaultier himself and also be amongst the first to glimpse the  magnificent
Our fellow Melburnians did themselves proud, turning out in their cleverest couture and striking their best poses.

Image credits to Cameron Swann for several of these fine photos and and two other unknown snappers.

What a swell affair.  Bravo NGV & JPG.