Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bar hopping.

We decided on a bar meal the other night.  Another who knows what you'll get adventure in Tokyo, as pointing at the picture menus can have all sorts of consequences. Our meal started out looking like a pile of raw cabbage with a kimchi mix on top.  As it slowly bubbled away on our table top burner, carefully tended by the barman/chef/owner, strange morsels of meat (swine extremities) rose to the surface.  Being ever the intrepid travellers we tucked in to what was on the whole a pleasant meal, however there were a few gristly bits that we had to leave well alone.

Then it was a quick visit to the local gay bar, which are few and far between in Shibuya.  Our host for the evening decided to steal Mr Browns look, with much hilarity ensuing.


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