Monday, 30 May 2011

Welcome home

We're home and it's one more day before the drudgery of work.
The traditional homecoming is lunch @ Cicciolina.

Sir Geyer and LadyVan Tilberg dine at Cicciolina for our return luncheon.

Then a knock off at Claypots.
Home sweet home.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

It seems like a lifetime ago.


It's not over.

     Well, as the sun sets over Abu Dhabi, we contemplate the end of this adventure.
Thank you to our hosts, Sam & P, for the last few days of fun.  We have to admit that we have given these girls the blog bug.  So you can follow their adventures, as they do a ten day family trip to Denmark @
     The Grand Tour is about over, but we will be finding you new adventures and new nic-naks, to enjoy.
               The Castle.
(We need a holiday).

White hot.

A visit to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, is one of the most worth whiled experience.
Clad in acres of white marble with beautiful inlaid details, it is stunning.
It should age gracefully, we would love to visit it in 400 years time.

Our only objects of dismay, would have to be the lightfittings.
A little too christmas/carnival for our liking.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Shopping with the locals.

We don't think so.  This world is all about the biggest, newest and best.  So shopping at Dubai Mall, is not really an exercise in economy or restraint.  Although when sale time comes around it's apparently brilliant.

As it is the largest shopping mall in the world, of course it has a massive aquarium to keep the kiddies amused.


Dubai erections.




Love is a camel.

Look me in the eye and tell me you don't love me.


Gold to go.

Of course we had to make a visit to the Emirates Palace, just to top up on our gold reserves.

This slot machine can really give your credit card a work out.

Or you can just soak up the gilded surrounds.


Abu Dhabi bling #2.


Dining @ Al Safadi

We were advised that Lebanese was the top cuisine to sample and we were taken to Al Safadi for a lunchtime feast.  The creamiest hummus, the peppery rocket, oven fresh flat bread.
It sure was a treat.


Souk style.

We dropped by the Iranian souk to sift through the Middle Eastern handicrafts.


Resort Drummond-Storm

We are taking a three day break in the deserts of the UAE, to warm ourselves up before the chill of returning to Melbourne.   
Our dear friends the Drummond-Storms are hosting us in their glamourous new apartment, on the water, just outside of Abu Dhabi.