Friday, 5 January 2018

Jungle in the Garden.

Just prior to Christmas a fun commission came our way.  The Bowman-Bernardi family had lost the studio space in their garden due to a fire sometime ago and have just rebuilt an updated version.  A wonderful structure with a pitched ceiling and Balinese wooden doors fitted to the entry, the new incarnation of the studio is to be a relaxing space and also used by their children to study in or just hang out.  
So with a very open brief Mr Brown was given the task to enliven the interiors with his lino block artworks.  On a perfect off white surface a jungle emerged on the walls and the ceiling became a sky full of bluebirds and clouds.

And finding just the right colour and graphic design in a beautiful fabric purchased in the markets of Mandalay in Myanmar, the Ghost set about constructing two enormous drum lampshades to complement the scene.

Thank you Lisa Bowman, pictured here with Mr Brown, for being such a confident client that was able to say "Just do your thing".  And of course everyone is delighted with the results.

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