Friday, 6 May 2011

Post show party @ Anahi

           After our fun filled evening at Pam Ann's "You F'Coffee Show", we where whisked away to a post show supper at the superb Anahi Restaurant.  Our hostess for the night was the incredible Carmina, who co-owns this fine establishment with her sister.  Eccentric French chic to a T.

Carmina & Caroline
         The word is that this is the hottest place to be in Paris during fashion week.  It hosts many a wild, post parade, party.  An Argentinian grill, so its all about the beef and that covers the waiting staff as well.  Housed in an old pork abattoir it oozes charm and incites much revelry.

Fun @ Anahi
Anahi nik-naks
Gorgeous Mark AKA Flava


The Castle & Carmina
      We dined with an assortment of design, advertising, performance and modelling folk, but finally succomed to our jetlag and tangoed off into the evening, returning to our pied a terre .

                             You can find Anahi @ 49 rue Volta, 75003 Paris.


  1. Gay Paree is a turn of phrase not a requirement.

    Jealous x

  2. You mean Pied à terre !