Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Textile adventures in the Grand Bazaar.

The Castle loves a good exotic textile, so we braved the Grand Bazaar for a sort and fossick mission.
On our earlier foray into the bazaar we had come across Osman & Ulas, two brothers who had let us run loose in their shops with no pressure or hassle to buy.  So we headed back into the labyrinth to search them out.   Ulas had a small shop in the bazaar and his older brother Osman ran a wholesale business, up a staircase and on the rooftop of the bazaar.

After an hour or two, several glasses of tea, we rationalised and put half of the goodies back onto the shelves and concluded our deal.  (This also included a complimentary lunch)
Turkish Post now has a crate of fine goods on the high seas, back to Australia.



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