Saturday, 27 May 2017

Looking back at London.

Being back in London is always great and having lived and worked here about 24 years ago, its nice to retrace places and friends from all of those years ago.  So a trek out west to Southall and Ivo Prints my place of employment back then is a necessary journey.  Although it was a quarter century ago, the  printworks is still going strong and producing wonderfully crafted, screen printed textiles.  But as could be expected,nearly all of my old workmates have moved along. 

British craftsmanship is still strong in wonderful enterprises such as Ivo Prints.


British Museum

Ah such a majestic and solid building to house what is a vast treasure of acquisition and plunder amassed by the British from all corners of the earth.  Great lumps of beautiful Egyptian or Assyrian stone carved and honed to perfection.  Greecian friezes to astound.  Ah the ancient what mysteries it holds and lessons it tells.  

They do have a lot of other excellent stuff here.  
But it does become overwhelming for a single visit.


Friday, 26 May 2017

Soho House

Well hello Soho House.  What a pleasure it was to spend a very looooong Sunday lunch there in the lovely London spring weather.  Thank you Caroline Reid for letting us dip our toe into this fabulous establishment for a memorable afternoon.

Lets just leave it as lots of fun.  Say no more.....


Dennis Sever's House.

Feeling a little homesick for Nic-Nak castle, we popped along to Shoreditch to view The Dennis Sever's House.  A small house museum that has long been on the must view bucket list of ours.
A wonderful time travel back into London of old and a must see for Nic-Nak enthusiasts.