Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shopping on the Grands Boulevards

         Oooh lala.  Les Galeries Lafayette, or as we found, The Galeries Laf*#koff.  Just when we thought that Parisian rudeness had disappeared as a myth of last century, these shopgirls ignored us back to reality.  They make the David Jones perfume counter assistants look positively helpful and charming.  And any Melburnian would laugh at that statement.

Its all very pretty, you can look, but don't touch and DON"T even think about buying anything.

And artistic displays really help to sell (oops), display the way expensive stock.

Printemps didn't impress much more.   

But then, wandering through the archaic covered passages we discovered the fabulous Jean Paul Gaultier store @ 6 rue Vivianne.  Here, the mild mannered attendant allowed us to fondle the merchandise and even offered us little cardboard glasses, so that we could view the latest prints in 3D.

J'taime JPG.


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