Saturday, 14 May 2011

We needed to go to the Louve.

On your marks, get set, go.  Its race around the Louve time.
This monument to mans creativity and cultural theft.
What else can we say.  Its a hell of a lot of beautiful nic-naks, in one hell of a grand cabinet.

Even after the French Revolution, the Napoleon's just did it all again.

Where's Mona?  She's just over there.

         They now have a direct factory outlet.  As you see here, they can get you what ever you want. And as its done on the spot it can have a "Made in France" label.

This fabulous Goya is a donation from the estate of the late Yves saint Laurent and Pierre Berge.   It is not the only thing we have spotted in the museums of Paris from this pair of generous connoisseurs.

Costume of the day, claret jumpsuit. 
Best museum viewing outfit.


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  1. Gorgeous boys - claret boilersuit.... Paris here I come!