Sunday, 22 May 2011


In pursuit of the nic-nak again, we took ourselves off to Horhor antique market in a slightly outer suburb of Istanbul.  Housed in a five story Soviet style bunker of a building, down several dusty alleyways, it was definitely not thronging with tourists.  In fact there was not really anyone there.
We wandered the dimly lit arcades of the market, scanning each shop for treasures, which were quiet elusive.
Anytime we see anything that has some promise and enquire with the proprietor the answer seems to be a flat rate of "one thousand dollar".  How much for this old chipped pot?  "One thousand dollar."  How much for this bonbonniere style lounge suite. " One thousand dollar."
Not wishing to spend one thousand dollar, we escaped, well we did manage one slightly cheaper purchase.


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