Saturday, 14 May 2011

Antwerp style.

       With the art out of the way it was time to explore the fashions of Antwerp.  First spot, MOMU, Antwerp's museum dedicated to fashion and design.  Unravel was the current exhibition, exploring knitwear in fashion.

After this knit and purl experience, we took to the streets to look over the designers.  Our first hit was at Ann Demeulemeester, I guess you would call her the grandma of the Antwerp 6.
Salesman wearing said outfit

Black, white and grey and all beautiful but all a bit yesterday.
The shop was total amazing, over two levels with soaring ceilings and spartan design. But.

OK. Lets go see Walter, an old favorite of the Castles, a decade ago.
OK. Half the punch and twice the price. I don't think so Mr. van Beirendonck.

Housed in an old garage, as per Walter, it was a quirky shop.  
Maybe we have just out grown the WLT. Or maybe we just got old?

Snapped on the street. We wonder if this is not where Belgian fashion should be going?


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