Monday, 23 May 2011

Clandestine clubbing.

It's Saturday evening so we decide to venture out in Istanbul and take a look at the nightlife.
We wait until the respectable hour of midnight before we head off, with spy cam in hand.
All along Istiklal Caddesi and it's side alleyways it's jam packed.  Old people, young people, families and an eclectic array of street vendors, it's a beautiful spring evening and it's going off.
Our first venue is Chianti, a bar on the second floor up a dodgy flight of stairs.  Full of local boys jiggling away to the Turk dancebeats, it has a Xchange circa 1992 feel.  We get a show which consists of a boy bellydancer, doing a ten minute set.  Very amusing.

Next we hop a few streets across to Club 17.  The TL15 admission gets you your first drink for free.  No sooner do we have our drinks and then we attract the attention of a young gentleman intent on practicing his English, or so it seems.  With little success he gets bored and wanders away reluctantly, only to be replaced by another young gentleman giving us a dance display.  Two drinks here is enough, as a little band of shemale leave, we to depart.
We decided that the Turkish lessons may have been very expensive.

We grabbed a chicken kabap on the way home, just to round the evening out.


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