Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dining @ Istanbul rooftops.

We decided to spend an evening off the ground.  The famed bars and restaurants of Istanbul's skyline are noted for their spectacular views and spectacular prices.      But after a fish sandwich for lunch @ TL3.50 we thought we should splash out.
First up we headed to Anemon Galata for a cocktail.

On the sixth floor, right next to the landmark Galata Tower, we chose these red "Galata Tower" aperatifs.  The price of one was enough, the alcohol in one was enough. We sipped and watched the daylight fading, whilst the swallows played kamikaze all around us.

Time for dinner so we headed to Leb-i derya, again it's about six floors up and then we are led up another little gangway, to find ourselves perched in a tiny little rooftop tent.

It was all very fabulous and fancy, wonderful food and more delicious cocktails.  
But I think we'll be eating fish sandwiches for the next few days.


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