Friday, 6 May 2011

Pam does Paris

           Off the plane, into our limousine transfer, Central Paris please, "La Marais s'il vous plait"  Into the apartment, a quick shower (oh and little furniture rearranging, just to make it right) then it was out into the warm Spring evening to catch a show.  Not just any old show, but the fabulously international PAM ANN.   Playing in a full house, packed with uber beautiful trolly dollies and assorted gay folk, it was a riot.  A standing ovation and two curtain calls later, Pam had definitly done Paris.

Pam doing Paris
Post show street party
Mr. Brown And Lady Reid
The Castle & Caroline
      Air France starred for the evening.  Easy Jet copped it as usual and the other assorted airlines in attendence were given their just desserts.  It was all about coffee, cigarettes and being slim and gorgeous, how French.

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