Saturday, 7 May 2011



           Thanks must go to the dear Wood-Noones for suggesting that this museum should be our first port of call.   The original building was begun in 1548, but it has since been re-nic-naked many a time and has swallowed up a few neighbouring hotels.  It is free and a very casual affair.  Although the taking of photos is not allowed, the guards were either off drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes or doing both and kept very little control of our wanderings and snap fest.  An edited selection follows.


Vivid green chinoisery panels, how fabulous


And why wouldn't you love this Art Nouveau jewellery shop tucked away in one of your wings?


 And we have decided that we shall have to have a ballroom installed in the Castle, just like this one from the Hotel de Wendel, which has been transplanted to Musee Carnavalet.

    These scenes painted over silver leaf just dazzle.
So beautiful, it was enough to make us weep.  So thats a new 
renovation project when we return home.

Musee Carnavalet can be found @ 23 rue de Sevigne, 75003 Paris.  It will kick start any travellers trip, charting the history of Paris.


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