Monday, 29 February 2016

Wat Kor traditional house

Wat Kor, is a village area about 2 Km south of Battambang's main city area, along winding dusty tracks are an assorted collection of Khmer homes range from early last century to current times.  We stopped by to visit this home built in the 1920's.  The current owner, the  elderly granddaughter of the original owner no longer lives there and the property is managed by her nephew.  The most interesting point was all of the larger pieces on furniture had been made from differing beautiful woods, which alas are no longer available as the forests have all been pillaged.  Our host relayed that at the start of the 1900's Cambodia was 75% wooded, and by now there is only 15% coverage, it has all been corruptly mismanaged and has gone.  And as another another somber tale, the owner was the only surviving child of seven siblings after the Khmer Rouge era.  Sad tales.


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