Thursday, 3 March 2016

The wet markets of Battambang.

Our greatest love in Battambang may have to be the wet markets. They have such a lively and vibrant culture and rhythm to them.  Masses of fruit and vegetables piled high on mats on the ground, live fish flipping around in their pots and tubs.  Egg sellers with beautiful blue duck eggs and snowy white or toast brown chicken eggs artfully stacked in baskets. Fresh noodle sellers and dried fish stalls vie for space with each other. while the exotic snake vendor was a real eye opener.  We adored the colourful, clashing ensembles, usually topped with a fabulous wide brimmed hat, that the market stall holders wore.   These cheerful get ups were only outshone but the generally beaming smiles of the beautiful Cambodian people.

Check out the Boeing Chhoeuk market early in the morning for an eye popping and fun time.  Its great.


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