Monday, 3 August 2015

Visiting Vigan.

We are on a whirlwind visit to Vigan, a World Heritage Site, with a wonderful array of Spanish X Oriental architecture that is relatively intact.  Being an 8 hour (or 12 hour, depending on who you ask) and 2 hours from the closest airport in Laoag, it is definitely not on a well trodden western tourist path.  Many domestic tourists and a few Chinese and Indian nationals around, but on the whole we had it to ourselves.  On our first outing we did not know quite what to make of it, but after a bit of digging around its charms grew.  The horse drawn carts turned out not just to be a tourist attraction, but used as a legitimate form of transport by the locals as well, although the poor nags looked decidedly unhappy clip-clopping around in the stifling humidity and heat.  The general decay is charming and with a little bit of effort it could be easily dusted off, although that is probably its drawcard.

A funeral procession in progress, brass band and all.

Lashings of garlic, although it doesn't shine throughout in the cuisine.

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