Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sy-Quia Mansion.

We loved the tour of this fine example of a Vigan traders house.  The ground floor is home to stables, storage and the servant quarters and when you ascend the grand, but steep staircase, you enter a generously proportion reception area from where all of the family room radiate.  
Built in the 1820's by a Filipino family as a dowery gift to the Chinese husband of their daughter, the family were well connected in the Vigan area.  It is relatively well preserved, although it has more dust than any corner on Nic-Nak Castle.  Centred around an upstairs internal courtyard, with large doors and windows that can be opened up to allow cross ventilation in the stifling heat and humidity.

Its easy to imagine the civilised and sophisticated society it must have played host to.


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