Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ilocos Sur tour.

Through our contacts in Manila we were fortunate enough to have connections with the Mayor in Vigan who arranged a private guided tour for us around the artisans of the Ilocos Sur provence.  In a one day whirlwind adventure we saw some brilliant textiles loomed down back alleyways and in private homes/huts that are not readily available to the tourist market.  We went to a pottery that had been in existence for hundreds of years with the Chinese/Filipino descendants still working in near Medieval conditions.  We went 35 miles to the south for more weaving and to see another example of the impressive Earthquake Baroque architecture at the Santa Maria Church. We grabbed a quick local lunch at the beautiful costal village of Sabangan Beach and then hit another church with an original bell tower built in 1591 and still standing and operable.  What a frantic, but great day.

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