Thursday, 16 July 2015

Feathering the Nest.

That fabulous man of many hats, milliner to Melbourne's marvellous mavens, Richard Nylon has been let loose at The Johnston Collection in their series of "House of Ideas" guest installations.  He has titled his re-imagening of the Fairhall decor as "Feathering the Nest".  With a nod to the Louis Kings, a tilt to Dickens Miss Haversham, a sip to the addiction of tea drinking and many a flourish to the Dandies of yore.

A fun and fanciful tour in to the mind of a magnificent milliner, with a whole wonderful room dedicated to him muse, friend and co-conspirator, the delightful Gwendolynne Burkin.

Take a tour of Richards feathered nest imagining in East Melbourne from July until October 20th.  To book a tour Contact TJCMuseum here.


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