Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Torquing about F.D.C.

The good folk at Fashion Torque decided to dedicate their June edition to Melbourne's legendary Fashion Design Council.  The FDC spanned an era from the mid eighties to the early nineties when Melbourne was bursting at the seams with unbridled creativity and boundless energy.  Co-founded by  Robert Pearce, Kate Durham and Robert Buckingham ,who combined to focus the talents of a host of post punk DIY creatives in to a series of catwalk extravaganzas of epic proportions.  

Gavin Brown, Christopher Graf and Richard Nylon.

The talented panel, with co hosts at either end, Jenny Bannister and Philip Boon and panelists (l to r)
Richard Nylon, Gavin Brown, Kara Baker and Robert Buckingham.  The audience contained an eclectic array of folk from back in the day as well as eager young up and coming fashionistas.

Check out the some of the styles.

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