Sunday, 28 July 2013

Art, style & sales.

Art does sell.  Recently our dear friend Dr Strecker put his wonderful penthouse up for sale.  It made the weekend papers, not just for the price, but because it had a fantastic atmosphere.  It had an eclectic and interesting decor full of original art.  OK so it had a lot of Gavin Brown's but it also had a fair swag of Steven Cox's, Lewis Miller's, Deborah William's and more.  A great personal collection along with smart interior furnishings and this became the selling point. Not just another minimal interior with horrendous Matt Blatt knock off's for the masses.  

The interesting foot note to this is that the new owner loves it SOOOO much that they would love to recreate the look (of course the good Dr is taking all of his grand collection with him) and are busy tracking down the collected artists.


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