Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mega MONA.

David Walsh's subterranean mega-plex museum, MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), is the target of our Tasmanian adventure.  Its mythic theatrical brilliance has been drawing hoards of all sorts to the extreme south of our Great Southern Land.  The good burghers from the hamlet of Hobart must be thrilled with the onslaught of art type tourisms descending on mass, with fists full of cash. 

Getting to MONA is half the fun, with the introduction of their brand spanking new camouflage catamaran, MONA Roma 1.  The twenty or so minute trip along the River Derwent in this purpose built craft is a fine time and sets the mood to expect something beyond the norm.  

Upon arrival, the many steps to MONA.

From the battlements of the MONA stronghold.

The Round House, one of two original Roy Grounds buildings on the site, it houses the MONA library and can be accessed via a 36 meter tunnel from the main galleries.

The current exhibition is titled The Red Queen, for what reason or rhyme we are still left to ponder and where it began and ended, who could tell.  Taken from the character namesake in Alice In Wonderland, it all just became curiouser and curiouser.  Oh well, down into the tunnel we go.

The White Library, a room full of blank books.  
Or as one jovial Mona employee called it- Tony Abbott's policy room.

SOOOOO much to see, we will be back.
Make the time to take this adventure into the future and past.  A chaotic carnival in an amazing setting.  
Thank You Mr Walsh.

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