Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bent Metal @ Blessington.

Bent Metal is a wonderful artisan blacksmithing business based in South Melbourne and it is run by a very dear friend of the Castles, David "Woody"Wood.  Recently they installed the final in a series of gates at the Blessington Street/St Kilda Botanical Gardens.  It has made this special place in the heart of St Kilda just that bit more special.  Beautifully crafted and realised in Bent Metals own unique, signature style, we are so proud to have them in our neighbourhood.

Mr Woody.

Pack a pic-nic hamper and head on down to the gardens then pay a visit to each of these fine portals around the perimeter.  Marvel, as we do, at these wonderful new additions to St Kilda's rich heritage.
Bravo Bent Metal, Bravo.

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