Saturday, 15 October 2011

Prince of Wales.

We make this post amid the outrage, worry and damnation at this weeks news that the
Prince of Wales Hotel has been sold.
About 14 years ago it was raped and pillaged by the Vandal's of St.Kilda to a similar community outcry
only to emerge with a fabulous band room/club that we have endlessly enjoyed.  The Gay Bar survived as the Gay Bar, Mink is a great little side bar, the corner bar is just about as scary as it always was and the boutique hotel/Circa restaurant has only been a chic, contemporary boon to St.Kilda.
So it is timely to pay tribute to The Gay bar and Mr. Browns' work that hangs there.
Just incase it disappears.

Changing Faces 1998 Oil on Canvas.

This suite of of 20 small portraits from the 1999 exhibition, Changing Face, was purchased by the 
Van Haandel brothers as part of their renovation renewals. 
A collection of Mr.Browns friends and local folk from St. Kildaville.
The Barmaid 1998 Oil on Canvas
This piece from the same show was also purchased and used to grace the boardroom.  It disappeared for several years and has only just recently been returned and rehung.
It depicts the original old Gay Bar and features our favourite barmaid Renee Scott.

Many years and many happy memories of the gay, gay times and drunken nights that we have 
spent in this institution. 


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