Thursday, 20 October 2011

7th Heaven . The 2nd coming.

A little more fun, mayhem and memories from the Sunday nights that were 
7th Heaven.

Coco goes loco.

The fabulous Wong Sisters.
Candy Wong, Coco Wong & Vicki Wong.
Its all a bit Wong.

Naughty John.

Joe, Pete & Puss.

Peter Woodward                                                                  Troy

Candy, Coco & Babs.

Harry Blade and Doorman Puss.

Mr. Brown, Lee Tulloch and Daisy Green @ the Melbourne launch for her book
"Fabulous Nobodies" @ 7th Heaven.

Troy doing Leigh Bowery.

Greg & Chris

Coco kareoke.

Peter Alexander & Jenni Munster.

Mr. Brown & Mr. Green.

Kieron Ogden

Candy's ventriloquist act.

Paris, Simon & Victoria.

Gavin, Howard & Daryl aka Vivian St.James.



  1. Where am I represented? huh? huh? Where the fuck AM I? lol! Dx