Friday, 7 October 2011

Candy's Bar.

Every great club just had to have a bar within a bar and 7th Heaven was no exception.
Candy's Bar was a legend within its own mind.
Every week Miss Candy would host a cavalcade of stars and also display amazing virginal talent.
Miss Millie Minogue was born of this stage and who could forget Mary-Lou and her brilliant rendition of 
Apple Jack.
Ably assisted by Vic Bitter and Coco, every week was a tour de force.



  1. love really was the home of club extravagance. all you hear is new york this and london that, but here on our home shores, we really gave them a run for their money.
    SO PROUD to have been a part of it all
    do-it-baby colin X

  2. Mr Dear Mr Brown,
    you've taken me back to what feels as though it were yesterday .....
    oh what fun it was!
    Andrew xxx

  3. so so so much fun

  4. Candy was so mean to the newbies - in fact everyone - sooo wonderfully - I once saw her sit in front of a performer, pull off a high heel, poor her beer in, and drink it ! what a scene stealer.