Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The lamps of Nic-Nak Castle.

At Nic Nak Castle we are lighting the way with a new line of bespoke lampshades.  With the intention of bringing those exotic vacation textile purchases, the ones that so many of us have languishing in the cupboard upon our return, into illuminated talking points for your interiors.  

These graphic Uzbekistan Ikats are particularly suited to this purpose and are often carried home after a trip to the Grand Bazar in Istanbul, or some such locale.

Above is a pair of lampshades made from Philippine abaca fabric from our last voyage to there.

This final fabric on a conical drum is a treasured piece of African Java wax print, purchased in Zambia some 25 odd years ago and lovingly stored until this project came along.  We love the divebombing cranes soaring across the outsized fish scale design.

If you have a treasured textile that needs to see the light of day, or the light from a lamp stand, get in touch with the Ghost from the Castle for a custom couture consultation.

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