Thursday, 3 December 2015

Chris @ 50. Wye the F#%k.

The day finally came for the grand celebration that would mark Chris Orr's tiptoe into the second half of his first century.  A battalion of his besties descended on his beloved costal hideout at Wye River where he bestowed lashings of fine hospitality on the gathered masses at the Tucker House.
Both old city friends and new local friends alike, partied from mid afternoon well into the wee hours.  The crisp white orb decorations followed the mood of the day and and slid into a more colourful mood as the sun went down.

Not too bad grandma...

This snap captures a little of the "Lesbian Landslide" incident.

Good to see ya can still laugh ya old bastard.
Cheers & Happy Brithday Chris.


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