Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dining @ Miss Chu

Ah Miss Chu.  Yes we have been a little slow in getting our taste buds tickled by your chilli laced delights, but how the wait was worth it.  Miss Chu in Toorak Road, is the second of her Melbourne outposts and opened in late 2012. Najhi Chu, founder and face of this clever concept and self proclaimed "Queen of the Ricepaper Roll" is intent on world domination in gastronomic greatness and is well on the way. With half a dozen varying venues in Sydney, a motorboat catering to the harbour beaches, sites being scouted in other Australian capitals and now a London tuckshop up and running she is full steamer ahead.
The knock together fit out, is full of wit and whimsy and the self administered order pads true brilliance.

Cooking day and night for eatin or takeaway and offering an extensive catering selection, Miss Chu has it all and more.  Whether its a rice paper roll, a steamed pork bun or a Northern style spring roll, it will all transport you to a better place.

In Melbourne enjoy Miss Chu @


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