Monday, 4 March 2013

Making Friends w/- Art

An afternoon of art, art, art was the go last Saturday as four of South Yarra's finer galleries combined their forces for the day.  First stop, Gould Galleries, saw us Making Friends with Troy Emery and his menagerie of furry and fringed critters. (We loved Troy's entry in the McClelland Art Survey, the oversized golden Yowi, find it here).  

Gallery owner Rob Gould with his companion piece in blue spots.

Next stop was Mossgreen, with a selection of fine Australian Sculpture.

We then swung by Nellie Castan Gallery, for 

This suite of portraits was quite mesmerising......

These however were a little too emasculating.

Then a final stop at the Kalimanrawlins Gallery, where all of the young art folk were rounding out their  day.


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