Friday, 26 August 2011

Plain Jane.

25 or so years ago when Mr Brown was just known as Gavin, he decided that playing dress ups was better if he just made the dress ups himself.
It was the 80's and do it yourself fashion was just what you did.
So Plain Jane was born and she was anything but plain.
Just design your own patterns and print them yourself, then you get what you dream of.
Have a fashion parade. Why not.  Photo shoot.  Why not.
There where no end of friends or family willing to get involved and model.

Gavin Brown

Gavin, Jenni & Rhett

Inflation nightclub parade.

State Library shoot.

From the "Ragga-muffin" collection.


  1. i dont suppose you have a clearer version of the Profile' page on Gavin Brown on the Plian Jane post. Writing about him for NGV and it would be great to read that article. Thanks
    Shaun Cole (