Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Return to Museum Island.

Returning to that little island in the Spree, its time for another day of museum hopping.  We commence at the Bode Museum, a touch dour looking on the exterior, but with a stunning interior housing a plethora of sculptures, carvings, architectural examples and some fine paintings.  Beautifully laid out with an abundance of space and clever lighting, this could possibly be an all time favourite museum.  

And tucked away in the corner just by the 2nd floor cafe is this little jewel box.  This sublime mirrored cabinet, original built in Merseburg Castle in the early 1700's, should not be missed.

And beyond Bode we head to the Altes Museum for a tour of the Antiquities collections.

And summoning the last of our concentration for the arts, for this day, we take in the fabulous architectural facades on display at the Pergamon Museum, especially dazzled by the size and scale of the Ishtar Gate reconstruction from ancient Babylon.

A wonderful day of treasures.


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