Monday, 15 May 2017

Making it big in Manila.

Another Nic-Nak adventure commenced early last year, with Peter from the Castle taking up the challenge to consult on a massive resort/hotel/casino project under construction in Manila, Philippines.  
Okada Manila, is a massive $2.4 billion project in its initial stage, aiming to bring 5 star luxury to the the Philippines with its bold exciting design and architecture.  On a scale unmatched with any other development undertaken in Manila, this is certainly a stunning project of fantasy and vision.

Taking on the mantle of Drapery Consultant, the task was to work with the architects, designers, builders and fabricators, to rationalise the design intent so as to create the vision of a huge volume of pleated fabric swathed across the whole property.  To achieve the monumental installations required a combination of fabrics, cast plaster and resins have been employed to animate the spectacular designs.  

The fabulous installation crew from CWC Industries.  We spent many hours and hours together up and down scaffolding to bring so much of this project alive.

Bringing the fabrication crew onsite to tailor each individual panel for the High Limit installation.

These simulated fabric panels follow the many curves and contours of the casino gaming floor bulkhead and walls.  Literally hundreds of moulds were created to enable the production of the different angles and curves encountered in these areas.

The amazing glass dome that faces Manila Bay will host a Night Club and indoor Beach Club upon completion.  

The vast enclosed lake which hosts an amazing light and water fountain show each evening.

Some days its all just too much.

Food Market Facade in construction.

Just a section of the vast casino floor.

At the heart of the casino and retail area is this fanciful vaulted ellipse that soars above the floor.  All created and installed in a cast plaster to great dramatic effect.

At the VIP Entrance are these 12 large resin cast wall sconces that will be back lit to emit a rich warm golden glow.

The fabric lined Chandelier vault at the Lobby Lounge.

This colossal project is ongoing and we shall bring you an update of the completed site in the future.  Its been a phenomenal 12 months working on this incredible construction.


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