Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Shanghai realestate. Old & new.

Shanghai's Pudong skyline is a madness of experiments, that amuses and bemuses, both day and night as you stroll along the opposite bank of the Huangpu river.

Turn on your heels and you are presented with different riot of diverse architecture, as you wander The Bund and its collection of colonial concession relics.

Peoples Park on Nanjing Rd offers an oasis of manicured green in the midst of this metropolis.  Formerly part of the Shanghai Racing Track, it now races along to the gentle pounding of exercising octogenarians and rattle of dice games in the cooling shade.

Venturing in a westerly direction further along Nanjing Road, old buildings jostle with new and the shiny shopping malls give way to shop houses and then you can find yourself in the leafy, Elm tree lined streets of the French Concession.

Time for a refreshment with Mike & Andy.

Such a thriving city that is spearheading China's now, but scratch it a little and you can find hints of the past.  It definitely has an energy that easily ranks it amongst the great cities of the world and after a brief six days visit has bewitched us Nic-Nakers enough to pledge a return visit.