Monday, 9 May 2016

003 License to Swim. The Party.

In a departure from our more disco orientated parties and escapades, our latest birthday festival is dedicated to Oskar Storm on his third birthday celebration in Manila.  With a James Bond themed "003 License to Swim" event featuring a silver sportscar birthday cake, a fabulous jumping castle with waterslide and wading pool and lashings of lollies and ice-cream cones, just add 20 odd guests aged between 6 months to 6 years and away we go.

Very exhausted after four hours of relentless play, swimming and fun.  Sure is a first for the Nic Nak Castle crew.


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  1. Oh my goodness! These are amazing swim party photos. I am pleased to find this wonderful post. We are also planning a summer party at our Phoenix preschool academy. It would be great if you can share any ideas for school summer party!