Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tucker House,Wye River.

Our annual getaway paradise has just become even more idyllic.  The beautiful hamlet of Wye River, a tad over a two hour drive from Melbourne, on the incredible Great Ocean Road, has long been our get out of town, go to haven when we have to escape the invasions that blights our beloved St Kilda, the St Kilda Festival (not really for locals).  This year our cohorts, the Clifton-Orr's, became our hosts for this yearly pilgrimage, with the completion of their own amazing beach abode, high on the hillside amongst the towering gum trees.

Beers & beach @ the Wye Beach Hotel.

The incredible Tucker House, designed by the boys in conjunction with Arkit Constructions, is an up to the minute symphony of sustainability and environmentally conscious construction.  Floating amongst the trees, it has the confident ease of a beach shack with the demur polish of a penthouse.

Local folk.  Wildlife abounds, within what feels like arms length from the balcony.  The incredible passing parade of birds that drop by to visit is astounding. Kookaburras, parrots of many variety, Rosellas, Cockatoos, Wattlebirds, Fairy Wrens, Magpies and beyond.

Uncomplicated, relaxed style and chic comfort.


Cook up a storm in the chef kitchen, dine in style with amazing bush and sea views and then relax at your leisure on the lovingly restored lowline, leather lounge.

Rooms with views. Its all about the trees, the ocean and the sky.

Mr Brown's home warming gift, a nautical narration from his current Lino cut and collage series.

Soothing suitcases of vintage vinyl gems for aural enlightenment (oh and I think I can see the Cabaret soundtrack peeking out, so the probability of a showtune and the odd show).

Whether blue skies or grey, this Wye River beach is beautiful.

The brilliant boys from Tucker House, Chris, Paul & Glenby are generous and love to share.  So if you are in need of a little R & R, their slice of heaven can temporarily be yours. Clock off from work and book in to the Tucker House for a week, or even just a weekend.

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