Saturday, 14 June 2014

Still life & sculpture downstairs.

Our favourite central Melbourne gallery, 45 Downstairs, hosted a double bill of brilliant work.  Firstly the wonderfully precise and enchanting still life painting of Christopher Beaumont who has just spent several months as the artist in residence at 45 Downstairs.  His presentation "Still Life paintings & Commissions" gave us all the chance to view works that have been completed during his residency as well as a selection of his beautiful commissions which as a rule never get to have a public showing as they are collected by the client and put into private collections upon completion.  From Footballs to Lobsters, to Lemons & Limes, Chris masterfully renders life into these mostly inanimate objects.

Sharing the gallery was Emma Davies with her delicate sculptural confections entitled "Hybrid".  Amazing floating skeletal constructions conjured from mostly from common baling twine, also curiously combining seal bones selvedges from the beaches of Philip Island. 

Unfortunately only a brief season has seen this exhibition come and go by the time of this posting.  Be sure to keep an eye out for more offerings from these two.  


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