Thursday, 1 May 2014

A little Dolce and no Gabbana.

At # 171 Collins Street, on Melbourne's diamond strip and on the ashes of the famed 80's retail grand vision that was Figgins Diorama, a temple to Italian glamour-rama has risen.  Although it has been trading and tempting fashion fanatics since last September, the time had finally arrived to throw a bit of a shindig, with the visit of the diminutive Domenico Dolce, one half of the acclaimed design duo namesake, 
A fun and fancy group of revellers trooped along, most restraining their attire to that Melbourne staple of black with an accent of black, to nibble and sip on festive Italian fare. 

All evening the whispers of "Will she or won't she be here", were soon sorted with the appearance of La Minogue sporting her very own D&G little black dress.  Of course this sent the cameras all a shutter.  Well known as a willing clotheshorse for and close friend of Domenico & Stefano, our Kylie didn't end up singing for her supper.

The acres of fabric panelled walls, gleaming chrome and black glass shelving certainly make for a regal retail romp.  Enter at your own peril. Ciao bella.


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  1. First of all- love your blog! Secondly, I have hat envy. And thirdly, thank you for the great photo of my back. So that's what the beads look like from behind :D