Thursday, 13 March 2014

Galaxy Now !

Galaxy Now, a subterranean garage sale/exhibition/launch. The explosion of design and pattern that was the brilliant Galaxy/Abyss/Sara Thorn/Bruce Slorach creations from the 1980's and now Sara's current reinterpretation of that energy and flavour saw a gathering of the then and the now tribes.
A true trip back to the future.

Bruce & Sara then

Sara & Jenny B now.

It is fantastic to see all of these iconic prints back out and about, a reminder of just how brilliant and vibrant Melbourne's design community was through out the 1980's.  Of course Galaxy is always fondly remembered as being at the top of the cool heap.

For a short time only, then gone….

See it at Fort Delta
Basement level, Capitol Arcade off Swanston St, Melbourne
March 12-16, 2014.



  1. Love it. Always brilliant!

  2. Great capturing of this event!Nice images of graphics,people and atmosphere .Thankyou Mr.Brown & Mr.Curnow