Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Puppy love, lost & found.

The Wood-Noone's popped over to the Castle for a Queens birthday tipple on Monday with the delightful Gracie in tow.  We chatted about Paris and swapped travel tales having a grand old time.  
But a one point it dawned on us.   "Where is the pup."  The naughty little thing had done a runner.
We searched high and low in the Castle grounds and scoured the streets, to no avail.
After a sleepless night Woody Wood devised a lost poster with the eyecatching portrait of dear Gracie to find the faithful hound.  It was great that they felt the painting described her better than any photo that they could use.

With a happy ending, the beloved Grace had been sheltered by a kind sole for the night and was returned by Tuesday afternoon.  Ahh.  Puppy love.


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