Monday, 18 April 2011

Welcome to Nic-Nak Castle

The new Blackamoor in the Castle

This little fellow is the newest resident in the Castle.  He arrived last week, not strictly a purchase, but more a trade by one of those tricky dealers.

The Castle is about to hit the road on a Grand Tour.  Look forward to posts from the Flea markets of Paris, chateaus, galleries, the odd bar or two and even a Pam Ann command performance from gay Parie.  We will sort through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and ogle all of the old bits in Ephesus.  If the Castle isn't glazed in Iznik tiles after this adventure, then we have not bargained hard enough.
So its two weeks and counting.  We hope you can join us in Europe, the near East and a touch of the Middle East.

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