Wednesday, 2 May 2012

RuPaul's Drag Race Rev Up.

OMG its Sunday night and the eve of RuPaul's Drag Race finale for season 4.
Look whats on. A birthday bash for Carmen Carrera, the unbelievably well tucked (?) tranny from season 3.
Hosted by our favourite finalist Sharon Needles, with shows from Dida Ritz, Willam and Phi Phi O'Hara.
This being a guilty reality pleasure of ours its a must see event.

We arrive at 9.30 for first show at 10.00 and as the crowd of assorted freaks and fans builds and builds we finally reach critical mass and the show begins at 11.15.  Great to see dragtime is so accurately universal.

Wow. RuPaul is going to introduce the girls.
Hold on, Ru must have shrunk.
But no. Its Sharon Needles in a brilliant parody that she keeps up for the whole evening, with a side splittingly  dry delivery.

 Dida Ritz impresses, Willam is fun, but Phi Phi sucks with her shows.

Carmen is oh so amazing and polished. Truly "the body beautiful".

The whole tipping/money grab situation is disappointing, they end up concentrating on grabbing the cash like cheap strippers and don't give a memorable performance. 
 Willam was best at the cheap hooker gig.

A fun and friendly crowd of freaky folk made for a great night.  New friends made, old favourites spotted.
Mr. Brown gets up close and personal here with season 3 winner, Raja Gemini
 Jiggly Caliente was also seen rolling around in the crowd.

And there was NO hint of who had won. 
 But by now you should all know that Sharon has taken the tiara.
We had worried that it would go to the predictable Chad Michaels.

Tired old showgirls in party city.  Brilliant.


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