Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hooray for Hudson.

Mr. Brown's eyes became as big as saucers after just the first two shops that we had visited on Warren Street, the main drag in Hudson.  He had quickly appreciated the quality and depth of the nic-nakery in this village and fidgeted the whole time through our lunch break, anxious to get back on the hunt for the holy nic-nak grail.
At about a mile long, Warren Street is heavily pepper with shops of objet of all manner.  Antiquities, American folk, American Federation, English manor, Empire, 20th century, its all found its way here.
The overall quality is high and the prices are a quarter of what you might see in New York, in some cases.
They even have an Auction house that handles deceased estates and all manner of fine art & furniture, Stair Galleries.  They Auctioned a portion of the Dominic Dunn estate in 2010, a small piece of this will be returning to Australia as trophy of the hunt.

This bounty of goodies and the pleasing aspect of this town make it a journey worthy of consideration if you are an avid nic-naker and find yourself in New York with some time to spare.

A word of caution, do not go on a Tuesday or Wednesday as it will all be closed.


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