Sunday, 22 April 2012

Perch LA @ sunset.

We headed Downtown early evening for a stroll and a cocktail.  Oh what a surprise.  The last time the Ghost was here, 24 years ago, it WAS a ghost town.  A boarded up, scary, no go zone.  But now it is being reborn.  In the last few years galleries and bars and artists in lofts have reclaimed Downtown.  It just looks to be starting now, but in another year or two we can see it will be the place to go.  All of the Deco buildings are still intact and waiting for a bit of love and attention.

We took to the rooftops for a view.  Perch is one of the new venues that is making Downtown start to happen.  A two elevator ride to the 15 & 16 floor of 448 South Hill Street and this bistro/bar is perfect for a Friday evening knock off, amongst the L.A. hipsters.

Also check out this link to Buzz; Beer and Wine Shop.  Another reason why its becoming so cool.


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